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New brides to be usually have a lot of questions regarding the wedding and etiquette.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

Is it okay for the bride to be to wear her engagement ring before the engagement is announcement?
Yes is the answer, you got the ring, show it off.

What are the most popular months for weddings?
May is the most popular, then June, September, and October so plan your day accordingly knowing these months may be tougher to get churches and reception halls.

What is the most popular day of the week?
Saturday is the most popular. In some major cities a Thursday evening wedding is considered to be formal. A lot of second marriages are opting for a Friday evening wedding.

What factors are there to consider when setting a wedding date?
Many couples like to pick their date regarding the season they like. Keep in mind round scheduling with holidays and your schedule. Also check with where you would like to have your reception on the availability.

Is it necessary to invite wedding guests to both the ceremony and the reception?
Traditionally it is custom to invite to both. If you are on a tight budget you could have the ceremony at the reception hall and have appetizers instead of a sit down meal right after the ceremony.

What details are considered the most important when planning a wedding on a tight budget?
The wedding attire would be the most important followed by the reception hall and wedding rings.

What expenses do the bride and her family usually assumes responsibility for?
The bride and her family traditionally cover a majority of the cost for the wedding. The items they cover are the bridal gown, reception dinner, invitation, flowers, music, photography, and any gifts given to the bridesmaids.

Is the bride's family responsible for lodging and travel of out of town guests?
No. Out of town guests pay for there own expenses. The bride may be able to get them reduced rates at a hotel.

What does the groom's family pay for?
The family usually is responsible for the bride's wedding ring and gifts for the groomsmen, his wedding attire, the rehearsal dinners, fees for the church, marriage license, and the honeymoon.

What is the most common way to reduce the cost of the wedding?
Is to go through the guest list and cut more people on it if possible. If you have not had contact with someone for a year is the rule to go by when
reducing the list.

What is the advantage to hiring a wedding coordinator?
They have all the headaches for of calling around for all the details you want for your wedding. They say it cuts the brides stress level by 50%. They can help you make the right decisions regarding proper etiquette.

For people that have a lot of guest coming from out of town they might want
to consider a weekend wedding.

What is a weekend wedding?
It includes a weekend of activities and dinners before the actual wedding day. Both the groom and the bride's family may choose to host the weekend events. The events may include dinners, golf or tennis tournaments, and outings to local events
and sightseeing.

What are the legal requirements we need to meet to get married?
By law all states require a marriage license. Be sure to check your state as each state has different requirements. You can apply for that application at most courthouses.

What is the difference between a matron of honor and maid of honor?
The only difference is the marital status. The matron is married and the maid is not.

What are suggested gifts for the bridesmaids?
Jewelry to wear on the day of the wedding.
A small purse that matches the wedding apparel.
A picture frame with a picture of you and them in it.

What are suggested gifts for the groomsmen?
Cuff links for the wedding day
Engraved tankers
Golf stuff such as balls, tees, or accessories
Engraved key chains or money clips

How soon should I start looking for my wedding dress?
As soon as possible. It may take along time to find the perfect gown. If it seems to be taking to long maybe you should think about having it made then you can bring every thing you like on different dresses together as one. When ordering a dress it usually will take 4 to 6 months for delivery and alterations.

What are the different types of trains on wedding gowns?
A chapel length extends about one and half yards from the waist. For the most formal wedding you will want the cathedral length train that extends three yards from the waist.

If you're not sure you want a full train due to the bulkiness of it you do have the option of having it made detachable. That way it can be removed and you can dance the night away. You can also have your train bustled up on the dress.

Keep smiling!

How should the bridal gown be packed after taking it to the cleaners?
The gown should be folded with sheets of acid free tissue. The bodice should be stuffed with the tissue to prevent wrinkles.

Where is the proper place to store your wedding gown?
The best place to store it is in a cool dry place such as in a storage closet. Do not store in a basement or attic due to the changes in temperature.

How much time should you allow to prepare the invitations?
You should allow at least ten weeks from the date the invitations were ordered until you mail them.

How soon should wedding invitation be mailed to guests?
Standard wedding invitations are mailed about four weeks before the wedding. It is recommend that if you have a lot of out of town guests that they be sent out six weeks before the wedding.

How is the invitation addressed to an unmarried couple?
The first and last names of the couple should appear on the invitation on separate lines.

Is it proper to include a note card telling guests where you are registered?
It is not proper to include this in the wedding invitation. It is acceptable for the host of a bridal shower to include such a card for the guests. The information should be given by word of mouth by members of the wedding party and family.

How long can it be after the wedding to send thank you's?
Gifts received from the wedding should receive thank yous about two weeks after the wedding.

If a wedding is being called off after the invitations have mailed what do you do?
If there is enough time have a letter sent out to the invited guests. Otherwise start getting on the phone and calling each guest. Be ready to have an answer as why you are postponing or canceling the wedding.

What is the rule to go by when having flowers as a centerpiece?
They should be either low or high enough that they are not blocking anyone's view.

What was one of the most complaints from guest at wedding receptions?
The music was too loud. Remember guest want to dance but also want to engage in conversation without yelling.

What types of music are most commonly played at receptions?
Oldies, walz, swing and contemporary. If you hire a DJ ask for song list so you can pick out a bunch that will suit you and your guests.

Under what circumstances may the reception be a cash bar?
A cash bar is considered in poor taste. They are guests at your party you don't make them pay for their drinks usually till after the dinner is served. It is also tacky when the bartenders have tip jars up at the bar during that time too.

When should the wedding toast be given?
The best time is when everyone has their meal and is sitting down.


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